Some things are easier than they say; some things are harder.

1. It would be difficult for me to overstate how much joy my little seedlings are bringing me. I highly recommend finding out who, in your vicinity, has open-pollinated seeds, and getting at least a packet. (Most of what I’m currently growing in South Seattle is from Adaptive Seeds.)

A packet of seeds costs less than $5. You can make little pots for your seedlings out of newspaper. A bag of decent soil costs less than $10. When the seedlings are big enough, you can put the nascent food outside, or in any big enough, decent, clean container in a sunny window. Every morning, I check in and chat with my little newspaper potted friends. I wish I knew why it is so deeply soothing.

2. We’re starting starters over on Instagram and as mentioned there, it makes me enormously happy to imagine people starting more and more starters.

3. I haven’t been able to sew; my mind won’t do it. Knitting, though, has been lovely. Knitting this test shawl for my favorite knit designer, Kirsten Kapur, is at least as soothing as looking at this picture.

4. I’m one of those people who’s had a lot of jobs. One of my jobs was cleaning houses for very wealthy people. I could tell you stories. I was an excellent cleaner (the work played to several of my strengths), but I quit after just over a year due to class rage.

The company I worked for taught me to clean very well. If you are not so fortunate as to have had professional cleaning training, here’s a good link to check out if you’re now cleaning more/differently than you have before. That page also introduced me to Alia. If someone else is cleaning your house, she should have excellent benefits.

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